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Hello! Welcome to my blog...I'm Ash. Hope you like it! Also if you ever want to talk or anything I would love to. I love music and books and cups of tea and long hugs and old friends and new friends and going on adventures and laughing and the ocean, stars are nice, I like the sun and the moon and run-on-sentences and singing, daydreaming, soccer, writing, the word marvelous and lovely and wonderful, quotes, art, sleep, bright eyes, kind smiles, ice cream, video games, swings, raindrops, fresh cut grass, cities, mountains, people who smile lots and those who never really do, creamy coffee, splashing water, clothing, old books, bike rides, photography, bands, instruments, paint-specifically watercolors- blue skies, rain, lighting, sunny days, crisp things, surprises, seeing people happy, seeing people staying content, sticky buns, croissants, frozen yogurt...a.k.a. froyo, peanut butter cookies, peaches, dumplings, delicate glasses, old movies, new movies, laptops, faces, cold mornings-as you deeply inhale the cold sharp air cuts though your lungs causing bits of pain but somehow it makes you feel alive, old memories, remembering those whom I've lost, purple telotubbie ice cream, willow trees, parks, and you for reading this. xxx

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2009.5 鎌倉 (by tane aki)

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"But my whole life has been a matter of fighting for one simple hour to do what I want to do. There was always something getting in the way of my getting to myself."
Charles Bukowski, The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship (via adderalldust)

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